Round Table Lichfield 250

Fancy making new friends and doing something new?

Lichfield Round Table has been going strong for over 60 years, offering sports, social activities and the chance to meet new friends.

 When our club formed in 1949, the Round Table movement was a very new concept. A young club only for guys. Do some good for your community and be rewarded with social events and new friendships. Today, over 60 years later Round Table is thriving nationally. Most importantly is the fact that Lichfield is one of the most popular clubs in the country. Why? Because we love doing what we do!

We meet at least twice a month for organised events and a chance to try something that you perhaps haven't done before! If you’ve ever fancied abseiling, gliding, archery or windsurfing, you’ll find we've done it at least once in our programme. As well as sports, we've been to the House of Commons, Bell Ringing at Lichfield Cathedral, held a Comedy Workshop and experienced the World War 2 trenches!


We come from all walks of life and join for a variety of reasons - here's the facts about Lichfield Round Table:

  1. Firstly - there's no secret handshakes or funny rituals. If you want that stuff try the Masons!
  2. Our club is an ideal way for those who are new to Lichfield to find new friends of a similar age.
  1. There are no barriers regarding one's political, religious, occupational or marital status - we're completely open to anyone.
  2. The only qualification is you have to be male, over 18 and under 45, and have a sense of involvement and adventure. (There is our sister club Lichfield Ladies Circle, which is the equivalent for females - most of our girlsfriends/wives/partners tend to join, but it is absolutely not a requirement for them to do so!)
  3. Most of the guys are in their 20s or 30s, but we also have some fellas in their 40s who get stuck in and absolutely love Round Table - don't think you're too old to get involved if you can remember the '70s!
  1. Don't wait to be invited to join! Contact us, there is no initial obligation to become a member on your first meeting so why not give us a call or book in to an event and we'll pick you up on our way or meet you there!


So come and get involved. It costs less than a pint a week to become a member, it's easy, and it could be the best laugh you’ve had in ages!



Get Involved

Want to give it a go?

Put your postcode in our Club Finder, contact your local club, then go along for a fun-filled night out and see for yourself. 



Answers to the most asked questions:-

  • We are all under 45
  • All occupations welcomed
  • No religious or political affiliation
  • Fun & community is what we are about
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What We're All About

  • Making friends
  • Having fun
  • Getting involved with your local community
  • Learning new skills
  • Building trusted contacts